As our Content Marketing department knows, outreach can be a messy business.

From finding the perfect partner online to countless rounds of communication thereafter, it really does take a village to raise your follower count. At PACIFIC, we realize that you can’t build anything without the proper tools. Luckily, the call for outreach management tools has been received loud and clear and a plethora of apps were created to meet the need. After doing a bit of research and testing out different programs, our team decided to register with BuzzStream. We’ve been actively using the software since March and couldn’t be happier with it. Curious as to what all the fuss is about? We’ve rounded up the 10 top reasons why we’re obsessed with BuzzStream:

1. BuzzStream University


Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into BuzzStream University’s class of 2015. BuzzStream University’s catalog of tutorials on how to use the software is accessible to everyone, offering solutions for registered users and those thinking about signing up. How-to videos demonstrate ways to make the most of your membership. This way, you never miss out on helpful features, and you can turn to the Internet to solve your problems instead of asking your manager or “The Google” questions.

2. Chrome Buzzmarker


In an attempt to streamline the prospecting process, BuzzStream has created a tool that integrates directly into your web browser. The BuzzMarker for Chrome lets you bookmark potential contacts, pull up bio and contact information, view social channels, add notes, and make edits to existing BuzzStream profiles without having to leave your browser.

3. Straightforward Layout


Clean and intuitive, BuzzStream’s layout makes it easy for even novice web users to navigate. With an instinctive dashboard that features your task list, recently viewed items, and scheduled emails for upcoming projects, you stay organized and on track.

4. Consistent Communication

Sync your email account with BuzzStream and streamline your team’s communications. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Outlook, Gmail, or even AOL, all you need is access to your IMAP server and port number to begin.  Connecting your email service provider to your BuzzStream account allows you to contact influencers without ever exiting your browser.

5. Email templates

Create and store personalized templates inside BuzzStream so that you’re ready to contact influencers at a moment’s notice. This tool helps our team focus on building relationships and spend less time on tasks that could be automated. We always make sure to personalize our templates, but it’s nice to have a general outline in place when you’re in a pinch. It’s crucial to include personalized bits of information when appealing to prospective partners.  BuzzStream even measures template response rates, so you can test which messaging works best for your company.

6. Collaborative Space


Whenever someone from your team uses the BuzzMarker to add contacts, they’re placed in your company’s central database. From the database, all team members can access partners added by different staff and then add notes, tags, and easily email prospective partners.

7. Relationship stages


It’s easy to forget who’s who when you’re compiling a massive database of potential influencers. The solution is simple: Create and set customizable relationship stages for each partner so you know where your team stands with them. Cater the relationship stage labels to your team’s needs. A few helpful terms we use include phrases like “Pending,” “Attempted to Reach,” and “Active Partner.”

8. Social links

Before BuzzStream, our Content Marketing department would manually click on a blogger’s social channels and log all of their info into a spreadsheet. This wasn’t efficient, and it’s a thing of the past thanks to BuzzStream. The BuzzMarker pulls links to your influencer’s relevant social channels and conveniently stores them in the partner’s profile, where you can review at your leisure.

9. Task management


Help your team stay on track by issuing assignments with the app. Once assigned, a neat task list will appear on the user’s desktop. This convenience ensures that your team never misses out on tracking social media success, sending a follow-up email, or monitoring the readership of a recent blog post.

10.  Timeline


There’s nothing worse than letting a contact slip through the cracks or adversely, contacting them too often and appearing overly eager. With BuzzStream, users can view the last point of contact with partners and proceed accordingly.

The world of content marketing is constantly changing, but for everything you can control in the present, there’s BuzzStream.


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