In an era when people remember to place their smart phones into their pockets before their babies in their car seats, it pays to be organized.

And as marketers, it (literally) pays to stay ahead of the curve. Ramp up your marketing strategy and stay connected to your cause with these 15 apps:

Organizational Apps:

  • Asana: This tool is a Type A’s dream come to life. With Asana, you can assign tasks, create editorial calendars, and keep all of your meeting notes in one easily accessible location.
  • Huddle: The company’s goal is to “to help people work better together” and they succeed in doing so. This file-sharing system allows businesses to upload, revise, and comment on all types of documents. Additionally, you can set up different levels of access. Share one set of files with your staff, and another with clients when you’re ready to do so.
  • BuzzStream: Perfect for managing link building campaigns, BuzzStream allows marketers to easily prioritize partnerships. From storing contact information to streamlining external email communication, BuzzStream is the best way to stay on top of outside contacts.

Brainstorming Apps:

  • Forge: Sketch out your ideas and preserve a perfect portfolio. Currently only available for iPad, Forge is a tool that will rev up your creative team and help you create campaigns that jump off the page. The app lets you bring in photos from Dropbox, iCloud, or the web, and draw striking visuals with multiple layers of rich color.
  • Quora: When you’re in a pinch and need fresh ideas, mosey on over to Quora. The crowdsourcing site allows users to pose questions, and responses will then be generated from the Quora community. As a tool, this can help marketers determine levels of interest and additionally, help them to establish themselves as an authority in their field.
  • MindNode: Stumped on creative ideas? Jot down a central thought and branch out from there. MindNode lets you build extensive mind maps that will help you visualize and fill your campaign’s gaps.

Email Apps:

  • MailChimp: You’ll go bananas for MailChimp. An email service provider with attitude, you can create campaigns and send targeted messages with the tool. The best part? If you’re dealing with a small list of subscribers (2,000 or less) the service is entirely free.
  • CloudMagic: Since 2013, CloudMagic has been making, well, magic! The handy dandy app puts all of your emails in one place, meaning your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and reject Hotmail account from 1998 can coexist peacefully.
  • Outlook: Organize your contacts and calendar on the go. With many of the same features as the desktop version, Outlook’s mobile app lets you tend to pressing business on the go. Trying to escape the office after hours? Disable push notifications. This way, you have the luxury of checking emails when you please.

Social Media Apps:

  • Hootsuite: This social butterfly is ready for take-off. Once you’ve signed up for Hootsuite, you’ll never worry about missing a social post again. The app allows users to monitor and schedule posts from their various social media accounts, and track mentions of your brand. It puts all of your social media sites in one place, so that you can feel some #relief.
  • Buffer: Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer lets your team schedule and monitor social posts. However, the app also lets you schedule retweets, lets you share directly from Feedly, and provides analytics reporting.
  • Trendspottr: Staying on top of what’s trending can be a full time job. Never fear, the folks of Trendspottr have a solution (your hipster intern can rest easy). With this tool, the user selects a category and is alerted every time something in that category is trending. Not only are you privy to viral information, but you can effortlessly share trending content from your social accounts within the app.

Must Have Apps:

  • Periscope: Consumers want more information than ever before, and they want to access it ASAP. This app lets you stream live video to users around the globe. Consider Periscope as Meerkat’s hipper, younger brother. Get ahead of the game by signing your brand up for an account, and sharing your branding on the go.
  • Moment: Worried you’re spending too much time on your phone? Moment is an app that tracks how much you use your iPhone, and other Apple products, daily. You can even set limits for your phone, as well as your family’s phones, and your device will prohibit you from use once you’ve hit your allotted time. That means your Sunday morning breakfast can be how it once was, technology free.
  • Canva: This tool will allow everyone in your office to feel like a graphic designer (to the chagrin of your creative team). With over 2 million users and more than 19 million designs to date, Canva makes creating beautiful images simple.


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