Bernshaw Will Discuss How Layering GIS With SEO Methodologies Dramatically Evolves Traditional Search Marketing.

Want to learn how combining location insights, customer data, and search marketing will increase your revenue? PACIFIC Digital Group’s Seann Bernshaw, Ph.D, abd, will be speaking on the subject at the Esri Business Summit on June 26 and the Esri User Conference on June 28.

PACIFIC is working tirelessly to help brands understand and find their perfect customers using GIS. Bernshaw’s presentations will showcase PACIFIC’s unique proprietary technology and methodology for helping companies discover new profit opportunities, expand their market areas, and put the right message in front of the right people using the most effective channels.

PACIFIC’s approach fuses GIS modeling with SEO practices to unveil hidden growth and revenue possibilities, evolving beyond the traditional location-based, keyword-reliant search marketing methodology. Equipped with this data, businesses can better determine the marketing channels and targets that will deliver the most effective results.

Catch Dr. Bernshaw’s presentations at The Esri Business Summit on June 26 (1:30 pm – 3 pm), or at the Esri User Conference on June 28 (8:30 am – 9:45 am),

Can’t attend but want to learn more about how PACIFIC’s approach can boost your marketing efforts? Feel free to reach out to PACIFIC CEO Norman Brauns to discuss how we can help grow your business today:

Phone: 1-866-267-3980, Ext. 700


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