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Your customers have questions, and we are here to help you answer them. But where do you go when YOU have questions? Welcome to the PACIFIC Resource Center, where you will find a trove of white papers, points of view, stories, and case studies to inspire your next great marketing idea. Discover what’s new in the PACIFIC Resource Center.

How PACIFIC Uses Geolocational Technology in Search Marketing

Learn about SONAR, a technology that brings together the power of search optimization and geo-specific insights.

3 Examples of How to Use Social Listening to Connect With What Your Customers Care About Most

How does social listening fit into your master marketing strategy?

4 Dramatic Shifts in Buyer Behavior

Has your marketing strategy evolved along with your buyer's behavior?

How to Build a Customer-Centric Marketing Approach

Learn how to map your strategy to your customers’ most important questions and valued touch points.

High Impact: The Dramatic Effect SEO Can Have on Branding

Learn how aligned search marketing and branding and boosted its website conversions and profit.

Key Storytelling Tactics to Drive Both Brand Awareness and Search

Learn how Expedia used storytelling to increase inbound marketing value.