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Expedia Becomes the Most Popular OTA On Instagram

PACIFIC Uses Comprehensive Social Media and Content Marketing Tactics to Launch, Promote & Grow Expedia’s Instagram Account.


With Instagram’s massive popularity and highly visual nature, Expedia knew it needed to be there. Expedia wanted to launch, build, and strengthen its presence on Instagram and use this channel as a focal point for brand and merchandising campaigns.

So we got to work. We analyzed strategies and best practices of the leading brands on Instagram, as well as identified key users and influencers to partner with in promoting the channel.

PACIFIC recognized Expedia’s account would live or die by one metric: How well we engaged with the community of aspiring travel photographers on Instagram.

Jamey Bainer, Strategy & Planning Director, PACIFIC


A vital component of our ideation for both the account launch and building its following was to leverage user-generated content, and connect Expedia’s account with the burgeoning travel photographer community on Instagram. We knew Expedia wanted to do more than sell on the channel: They wanted to give something back to travelers. And we knew travelers would be thrilled to see their photos get recognition through Expedia. To that end, PACIFIC created the #ExpediaPic hashtag for users to share their photos through Expedia.

Our Social team:


Our Strategy and Insights team:


We put user-generated content at the center of the account’s launch, and developed and implemented two campaigns.

The first, “City vs. Country” asked users to prove whether urban or nature-based travel was better by submitting their best photos. The second, developed as an integrated collaboration between multiple Expedia teams, was the award-winning #ThrowMeBack campaign.

“By taking advantage of thematic hashtags like “#wanderlustwednesday” and “throwbackthursday,” and posting images that are relevant to current events, holidays, and seasons, the account has amassed a large following in a short amount of time.”

Jamey Bainer, Strategy & Planning Director, PACIFIC

What’s more, #ExpediaPic helped solicit user-generated content and helped showcase amateur travel photographers, while simultaneously spreading the word about the branded account and delivering Expedia’s core messaging to the masses.

Our Strategy and Insights teams forged a multitude of content partnerships that promoted the channel and attracted advertising partners for Expedia. On top of creating and promoting numerous content partnerships, PACIFIC also frequently ran giveaways and discount offers on Expedia’s Instagram, which has helped generate buzz about the account and increased social participation.