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Data-driven design creates a new brand identity

Research and data-based approach introduces strong elements to brand redesign. was a brand without a known visual identity. The core website was functional, but lacked a cohesive story, a well-designed UX, and SEO best practices.


PACIFIC went wheels up on this project and researched typical customer booking processes. This included conducting first-party user testing and collecting third-party market data to learn:


We discovered that most booking websites are focused on providing cost-related information, but the modern traveler was seeking a new method of finding flight information. was built based on the concept that consumer motivation is the central force driving travel purchases.

Our strategy was to have consumer interests, favorite destinations, and lifestyles shape the content presentation and user experience on the new site. This same methodology was applied to the mobile strategy and social media campaigns.


We designed a new logo and brand guidelines, as well as a responsive, search-optimized website that was infused with an intuitive user experience, clean layout, and attractive visuals.logos

Most importantly, the user experience was built around emotion-based discovery. Visitors can find destinations by exploring 10 unique themes that include categories such as Adrenaline Junkie, Food Critic, and Frequent Flyer.