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“Don’t Skip the Trip” Encourages People to Use Their Vacation Days multi-channel creative campaign helps increase YoY traffic growth by 250%, a subsidiary of Expedia, Inc., exists to make traveling the world easy, affordable, and fun.

When Expedia’s 2015 Vacation Deprivation study revealed that 92 percent of Americans felt happier after a getaway, yet the country’s workforce left 500 million vacation days unused, our team saw a unique opportunity to promote more travel.

It may seem easy to encourage people to take a vacation, but we couldn’t underestimate the pressures of a busy work life, which is one of the main reasons people don’t take the time off that they deserve. Our challenge was crystal clear. We needed to remind travelers of the best reasons to book a flight and take a trip: to revisit favorite people, places, and pastimes.


With the launch of the Facebook Connect feature, travelers can receive customized deal updates on flights to their most-visited check-ins. Inspired by this technology and the power of nostalgia and much-loved memories, we created the “Don’t Skip the Trip” campaign to:

Implementation’s playful yet informative brand personality offered us a creative launch point for a multi-channel campaign that would remind our audience how important it is to take that flight back to their most-loved destinations and people.

The campaign message of nostalgic travel was promoted through in a variety of ways:

Check out the videos here: